Filter Press Types

Introduction of Filter Press

Filter press is an equipment that makes use of a kind of special filtering medium, put definite pressure on object for discharging liquid. It is an equipment to separate solid and liquid in the common and intermittent way.

filter press types

Types of Filter Press

  • Filter press types includes :
  • chamber filter press,
  • frame and plate filter press
  • membrane filter press
  • jack filter press/ manual hydraulic filter press
  •  cast iron filter press,
  • stainless steel filter press
  • high pressure round filter press
  • Laboratory small filter press

membrane filter press

Chamber filter press is used in industries such as easy to dehydrate and high efficiency working. Its features are stable performance, high efficiency and low running cost.

Membrane filter press is used in mining, chemical, medicine industry. Its features are long lifetime, good stability, widely using.

Jack filter press is used in 1-40 m2 filter area. Its features are simple structure, easy operation, no power consumption, cost saving.

Cast iron filter press is used in petrochemical, metallurgy, oil industry. Its features are high temperature material, high strength and high pressure filter plate, long life span.

Stainless steel filter press is used in chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, petroleum, edible oil industry. Its features are high capacity, high pressure, high temperature.

Round filter press is used in stone wastewater, ceramics, kaolin, construction material. Its feature is low cake moisture.

Components of Filter Press

*Hydraulic station is a power station to help the main engine work, hydraulic station works through oil cylinder, oil pump and hydraulic components with the electrical control system.

*Filter cloth is used to separate solid and liquid.

*Filter plate is a room to load the solid filtrated by the material.

*Tap is used in the pipe when filtrate drained in a seen method.

*Plate shifter is an automatic device to discharge the filter plate to save labour.

*Handles are installed in the both side of filter plate.

*Screw pump is the volume type rotor pump, it makes use of inhalation and discharge the liquid through screw rotation, and It inhales and discharge the liquid that depends on the volume change of the seal cage.

Application Field of Filter Press

Medicine industry
Medical equipments such as injector, bandage, degreasing cotton, all kinds of medical feculences and wastes such as work drum, glove , gauze, blood transfusion tube, etc.

Chemical industry
Coating, paint, silica, caustic soda, soda ash, alkali, salt mud, new, water purification machines (aluminum, aluminum polymerization acetylacetonate, gypsum, insurance, phosphor, lithopone)

Pharmacy industry
Strain, HuangLianSu, aureomycin and McGrady enzymes enzyme, Wells, inositol guangzhoumetro, phytic acid, calcium, Chinese traditional medicine, saccharification, growth hormone, organophosphate, pig’s blood

Metallurgy industry,
Coal, Gold, silver, copper, zinc ore mineral powder, etc

Printing and dyeing industry
All kinds of dye particles in dyeing industry.

Foods industry,
Vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, glucose, starch sugar, plant sweet, maltose, starch, maize, rice, Joan, seaweed, kara glue, milk, oral liquid, beer yeast, soy sauce, rice wine, white wine, fruit juice, beverage, plant protein, and spices

Brewing industry
Beer, vinegar, soy sauce, fruit wine, etc.

Ceramics industry Bentonite, electronic ceramic soil, kaolin, active soil, porcelain clay, limestone, granite furnaces
Refining industry
Grease, Tea oil, etc.

Wastewater Treatment
Printing and dyeing wastewater, sewage, smelting, leather, pharmacy sewage water brew, electroplating wastewater, sewage and waste, chemical electrolysis of water environment

Petroleum industry
Diesel oil, sesame oil, shortening dewaxing , etc.

Textile industry
The residual activated sludge in the back row was treated by biochemical method, and the chemical coagulation sludge was treated by physicochemical method, and the sludge was condensed by electrolysis, and the sludge was dehydrated.

Leather industry
Preparation of the organic sewage sludge or chromium in the working section of the waste chromium liquid dehydration.
Paper-making industry
Sludge dewatering after washing wastewater from pulp.

Choosing Method of Filter Press Type

In the filter press industry, all people know how to choose the proper model of filter press for customer. There are three steps to guide us choose proper filter press as following:

1,) The filtrated materials;

2,) The capacity of feeding the materials;

3,) The content of solid to be reached