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The following content shows the frequently asked questions and answers about the filter press.if your questions still not solved,please feel free to contact us!

What kind of filter press do you manufacturer?

According to filter press structure:
Chamber filter press,Plate and frame filter press ,round plate filter press

According to filter press construction materials:
Polypropylene(PP) filter press,Stainless steel (304 or 316L) filter press,Cast iron filter press

According to working principle of filter press:
Jack filter press,Hydraulic filter press,membrane filter press

Additional functions of the filter press:
Filter cloth washing,filtering plates automatic closing and opening system,filter plates shaking system,belt conveyor system for filter cake,groove for filtrate,hopper for filter cake and so on…

What’s the filter press operation procedure ?

The procedure of one cyclye of the filtration is :
1,Press the start button on the control cabinet,then the filter press will start work and the filter plates will be pressed.when the pressure reached 2.0Mpa (some applications can reach 3.0 Mpa) the pressing will stop automatically .

2,Start the feeding pump,when there is less and less water comes out the filter plates,it means the filter chamber is full of filter cakes,then stop feeding.during this time,the pressure gage on the feeding pipe is increasing from 0-0.6 Mpa ,while the filtrate flow will decrease significantly.

3,Wait for about 1 minute,pull back the filter plates to discharge the filter cake.

How to install the filter press ?

It is easy for the filter press installation and pumps connection.
We will install the filter plates on the filter press and install the filter cloth on filter plates when delivery,and what all you need to do when receice the filter press,just connect the control cabinet to filter press and connect the hydraulic station to filter press is ok.we will send installation manuals and installation videos together with delivery of the filter press.
We can also arrange our engineers go to the application site if you need.

What’s the difference between plate & frame filter press and recessed filter press?

There are mainly two distinct elements between a plate & frame type filter press and a recessed type filter press:
1,filter plates.
This is the picture of plate and frame type filter plates:
plate and frame type filter plates
This is the picture of recessed type filter plates:
recessed filter plates pictures
2,Usually plate and frame type filter press can get better filtrate clarity and recessed type filter press can get better solids recovery.

How ofen should i change the filter cloth?

For different kind of filtering materials ,the lifetime of the filter cloth is also different,while generally speaking,it can be used for about 1-12 months.

How to choose suitable filter cloth for my filter press?

There are more than 100 hundred kinds of filter cloth,with different materials,air permeability,filtering precision etc,while we have accumulated much experience on the choosing of filter cloth since our establish at 2001.For example:

P0802Y zinc oxide (needle felt)
T0803t potash fertilizer (needle felt)
P120D/P050D/P080D/P020MD double layer monofilament filter cloth
P050D, P030MD, P020MD FGD, Gypsum
N9029,N199,P1010,P020MD iron ore concentrate
9501-32 fly ash, coal ash
9501-35 fly ash
9501-34 zinc oxide
P1010sdy zinc sulfate
PT9502b-41DY gold mining,vanadium mine
9502-40 borax, vanadium pentoxide
PT9502b-31 gold
P750AB copper
P120/P190 phosphate
MP11343Y copper
9502-402DY iron sulfide
9503-32 catalyst
P190 Beer filtration
P199s/P11636: Sugar filtration
N120B Palm oil filtration, other oil, use anti-static filter cloth
P1010-37DY Titanium Dioxide
3233SY White carbon black
3233SY/108C/P801IIy Kaolin
T3112BY/3233SYY pigment, dyestuff

Please contact us for detailed parameters of these filter cloth models.

One More Question?

For your detailed applications or questions,welcome to email us at technicals@uniwinfilterpress ,our technical department are ready to offer you the most professional solutions.

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