Filter press for chemical industrial wastewater in Singapore

In May 2018, we received an inquiry from my Singapore customer Mr. NG, he want to buy one new filter press to replace his current old one, detailed requirement as follows:
Below is the information our customer gave us to the choose suitable model filter press:
1, PH value of the waste water is 6 -9.
2, Solid content in the waste water range from 1 to 10%.
3, Filtration capacity of waste water approx 6 m3/hour.
4, Cake moisture about 5 to10 % and volume up to 100 liter.
5, For chemical industrial waste water generated from chemical blending and drums washings.
6, Suggest to use PP type of materials with PP filter cloth
7, Plate size 470mm x470mm
8, Filtration pressure 15 bar max

According to his capacity, our model XMY 8/450-30U is suitable for him, technical data, as follows:

  • Filtering area: 8 m2
  • Type: Hydraulic chamber filter press
  • Material of the filter plates: PP
  • Volume of the chamber: 121L
  • Number of filter plates : 19 pieces;
  • Cake thickness:30 mm
  • Plate Size: 500*500 mm
  • Thickness of the filter plate – 50 mm;
  • Max feeding pressure at the inlet to the filter press – 0.6 MPa;
  • Squeezing pressure plates – 16-18 MPa;
  • The temperature of the medium being filtered : 0 – 60 C;
  • Dimensions of the filter press l*w*h: 2450*700*900 mm
  • Weight: 960 kg;

XMY 8-450 filter press model

However, Mr. NG want to buy a pump to match this new filter press XMY 8/450-30U, our engineer suggest to use the model QBY-25 diaphragm pump, price is usd 320 (cast iron material, head 50m, flow max 5 m3/h).

Diaphragm pump QBY 25

  • Model:QBY-25
  • Inlet diameter: 25mm
  • Flow: 4.5 m3/h
  • Head: 50m
  • Allowed maximum particle size: 2.5mm

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