auto shifting filter press commissioning

Fiter press with auto shifting and drip tray, belt conveyor installation and commissioning .

auto shifting filter press

There are some reminders before starting the filter press friend:
1,) People must not stand in front of the filter press hydraulic cylinder.
2,) For the first time,pls set the pressure gage max 10 Mpa to test if the filter press will stop or not when it reachs this pressure, if it don’t stop, pls stop manually immediately and check the problem. after it goes well then set it to up limit 18 Mpa and lower limit 16 Mpa.
3,) Max feeding pressure is 0.6 Mpa (6 bar ) and max feeding capacity is 3 m3/hour.
4,) After you add hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station ,for the first time, pls loose the screws or the pressure guage a little to the the air goes out then fasten the screw again.
5,) There are limits for every next operation, ie only when the head plate (the close plate) hit the limit switch, then the auto pulling plates function will work, if not, the next procedure will not give react when press the buttons.

The auto pulling plate function is usually equipped with big filtering area filter press, it is very convenient for opening the filter plate to discharge the cake. The auto pulling plate is controlled by PLC cabinet, that can save time improve the filtrate efficient .

filter press with drip tray

the pulling plate protection cover raw material is epikote, it advantage includes: excellent insulativity and resistant to corrosion. high hardness and good flexibility, and it can bear the weight 200kg no problem, people stand on it no problem, very strong.

plate automatic open device

After finishing the filter press installation, many customer firstly would like to test the auto pulling plate function weather it can work well or not.

For example there is a case of our Canada customer:
Problem: when press the “shifter go” button, the shifter doesn’t move and the signal light just flash one seconds then off and with sounds.

filter press PLC

After our communication with the customer,they send us the detailed pictures and videos, through the pictures and videos our customer sent, our engineer found the PLC light X13 red light flicked, this means overload. so the problem is frequency converter overload, there are three reasons that will cause this:

1.If the power for the motor is two phase, then the current will be big and will cause this, so the answer is measure the shifter motor voltage to confirm if all three phase is 380V.

2.When you press ‘shifter go’ button, it equals shifter back, if you press the’ shifter back’ button, it equals to shifter go. this means the shifter motor is turning reverse. if the shifter motor is turning reverse direction can also result the frequency converter overload.

3.The chain of the plate pulling system or reducer of the shifter motor is stuck, but this is the lowest possibility, because all the filter press is testing successful before we delivery.

Solution:our customer checked and the reason is 2, they changed the wire for the motor and solved the problem at once. because if the wire was connected wrong, which also will block the motor work normally. so our engineer advised customer change the wiring around in the motor, then the filter press shifting function works good.

Attentions: there are limits for every next operation, for example only when the head plate( the close plate) hit the limit switch and the sensor light status will on. then the auto pulling function will work, if not, the next procedure will not give react when press the buttons.

auto pulling signals

No matter what you want to know more filter press information, or your already owned filter press but it cannot work good, pls feel free contact us, we will give you the best and professional suggestion to help you solve the problem,

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