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stainless steel filter press.

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304 stainless steel filter press
Stainless steel filter press

Model: 400/600 mm
Capacity:1-20 ton/hour
Applications:widely used in Beer, wine, wine, concentrated fruit juice, gelatin, seaweed gum etc.
Features: Full stainless steel ,can filter as fine as 0.2 micron ( μm)…


Introduction of the cardboard fine ss filter press

This stainless steel cardboard fine filter press is used for fine filtering after diatomite filter. It consists of frame, piping system, filter plates, compress device (variable speed hand wheel, manual hydraulic, automatic hydraulic available), this kind filter press is the most used and most reliable equipment for clarification and sterilization By changing different types of fine cardboard or sterilization cardboard, this filter can achieve the aim of clarification or sterilization for different kind of wine, beverages, food, medicine, chemical industry etc. The biggest advantage is that this filter can remove the 0.2 ~ 0.5μm Bacteria and remove the solids 100% by using the sterilization cardboard .

The filter press has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy operation and reliable filtering result.

It is widely used in the fine filtration in the following industries :wire, red wine,beer,tea ,syrup and juice ,gelatin ,seaweed gum ,blood ,vinegar ,soy sauce and citric acid etc .

Also ,for healty wire,this cardboard filter press can remove the flocculent precipitate in the wine . the process is filter by diatomite filter press first ,then freeze then filter by this fine filter.

Parameters of the 400 mm stainless steel fitler plates

Reference flowrate (hL / h) (wine) :to clarify 20-40, sterilization :15-25
Number of filter plates :39 pcs
Number of end plates : 2 pcs
Filter area : 5.7 m2
Filter cardboard size: 807 × 397 × 3.5 (mm)
Maximum working pressure: 0.4 (MPa)
Maximum pressure difference : 0.1 (MPa)
Dimensions (length × width × height) : 2056 × 800 × 1050  (mm)
Weight :810 (kg)

200mm,600mm and 1000 mm filter plates also available!

Drawing of the stainless steel fitler plates

stainless steel filter plate

drawing of the ss filter plates

Working principle


Some typicle applications of the stainless steel filter press

syrup and juice

red wine





Fish Collagen Peptide

Sites of the stainless steel filter press in customer’s factory

working site of the plate and frame stainless steel filter press

customer site of the stainless steel filter press

vinegar after filtering


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